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These artist have contributed their time and talents

Meet our team

Daryl Cobb
Member of SCBWI
Member of Nashville's Song Writers Association


     Mr. Cobb has been writing and performing for more than 25 years. For the last 10 years he has been writing and developing music and stories for children.  He also works closely with our Helping Hands program, lending his talents to charitable events. Since his first book was published in 2006, Daryl has added sixteen more titles to book shelves. In 2014 he added his second children's novel, the award winning "Baseball, Bullies & Angel". "Baseball, Bullies & Angels" (Middle Grade to YA) was also called "Required reading for kids and parents" by Kirkus Reviews.    

   Kirkus Reviews, who is known for being overly harsh on writers through the years, has called Daryl's books "Sweet", "Charming", "Fun Romps", "Whimsical", "Delightfully Silly" and "Required Reading". These quotes taken out of context are remarkable-- but what is even more remarkable, is that the reviews in their entirety are as positive as the quotes themselves. Daryl's books include "Pirates: The Ring of Hope", "Greta's Magical Mistake", Mr. Moon", the "Bill the Bat" series and every mom's favorite "Daddy Did I Ever Say, I Love You, Love You, Every Day". 

"New in 2015"

        "The Frogs: A Happy Life!"
        "Pirates: Monkey Troubles"

Manuela Pentangelo
Illustrator / Writer

Member of SCBWI


   Ms. Pentangelo resides in Italy on the coast of Sardinia.  When she is not running around attending to the guests that stay at her two Bed & Breakfasts-- she is illustrating. Manuela is a most gifted illustrator that has spent years learning her craft. She is inspired by life, by travel and from the world that surrounds her and she loves to create for children. Manuela started out as a graphics designer and then in 1998, she left all that behind so she could dedicate her skills to illustrating books for children. Her work has appeared with Scholastic Books in Italy, as well as other traditional books and video books-- 30 books to date.

    Since starting out with 10 To 2 Children's Books in 2006, Manuela has illustrated nine of our titles. Those books include four Kirkus Review standouts-- "Greta's Magical Mistake", "Bill the Bat Baby Sits Bella", Bill the Bat Loves Halloween and the chapter heading illustrations for Daryl Cobb's children's novel, "Pirates: The Ring of Hope".

Margot Miller
Member of SCBWI


Miss Miller attended Syracuse University and graduated with honors and a degree in Illustration. Margot’s work has been published by Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company, Layers Magazine, The Outreach for Breast Health Foundation, The Post Standard, and The Society of Illustrator’s Student Exhibition catalog. Her mixed media work combines textured surfaces and found objects to create bold, colorful images.  Contribution "Henry Hare's Floppy Socks."

Traci Van Wagoner
Writer / Illustrator
Member of SCBWI


In 1998, Traci applied her hard earned BFAs in Illustration from Utah State University and Toy Design from FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) towards her own product development company, located in New York City, Imagine That! Design. She and her husband work side by side creating fun for children in the form of games, toys and books. Traci’s work has appeared in Highlights Magazine, New Moon Magazine and Nature Friend.  Contribution: "Daddy Did I Ever Say? I Love You, Love You, Every Day."

Abigail Daker
Member of SCBWI


Abigail is an English Illustrator who now lives in Cyprus. Since graduating from the University of Reading with an honours degree in Art she has had a wide variety of commissions, from contemporary nightclub murals to watercolor landscapes. Illustrating for children has become Abi’s main interest; she uses a mixture of pen, ink and watercolor to create positive and bold images, with her son Joseph providing noisy encouragement. Contribution: "Boy on the Hill"

Carla Castagno
Member of SCBWI


Carla lives in northern Italy, in a village at the base of the Alps. She graduated from the European Institute of Design in Turin, and she works as freelance illustrator. Her illustrations appear in published books in both Europe and the US. Carla loves to draw children and funny animals and prefers making bright colored, cute images. Contributions: "Daniel Dinosaur," "Count With Daniel Dinosaur"

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